Friday, November 4, 2011

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I just came from a meeting where the people at the table clearly find their satisfaction in their work (and hearing themselves talk).  I found myself thinking of how easy it must be to drown yourself in your work, thinking all along that you'd found the source of happiness.  How easy it is for satan to deceive us into thinking that "this is have arrived"!  While our work is certainly important, no matter what we do for a living, scripture tells us to work as unto the Lord.  Our witness is walked out at work.  The talents and giftings bestowed upon us by our God are to be shared with others...always with the intent of the glory given to God.  But that job (or anything else in this world) is not capable of being our sole source of satisfaction.  As much as I love my work,  I believe in it tremendously, it could never fulfill those deepest places of my life where only the Lord can satisfy.  I could certainly spend hours upon extra hours pouring over work literature, books, magazines, white papers and such.  I could network at every event.  I could work until late at night.  I could go back and get a Phd in...something. (And don't get me wrong, bettering yourself is never a bad thing.)  I just know that none of those things could ever bring the satisfaction that the Lord brings to my life.  One place of ministry for me is certainly work, but my work doesn't define me.  Christ defines me.  That's where my satisfaction comes from.  Sinking my roots, deep into His living water, is my source of strength, joy and satisfaction.  Sitting in a rain shower of His love quenches my thirst.  The world's "stuff" can't come close.  Anyone saying, "I can't get no satisfaction" needs to meet my God.  His satisfaction is guaranteed!

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