Friday, June 27, 2014

All About The Cross

**Reposted from a past blog**  (I just couldn't help but share this again because it did me some good to read it again.)
I was reading one of my friends blogs and he had some praise and worship videos posted for his praise band.  So you know me, I can’t NOT listen to praise and worship music when it’s available…so I started listening to “Wonderful Cross”.  And ya’ll…I had to shut my office door because I couldn’t help but cry and worship right here at my desk.  It hit me so hard this morning.  It brought things back into perspective for me.
I’ve had so many questions, so much frustration…but what I really needed to understand was that it’s all about the Cross.  Every aspect of my life is supposed to be filtered through the Cross.  I may get frustrated at home, work and church but ultimately I just need to spend more time at the foot of the Cross.  As that mercy and grace flows out over me, I’ll be so drenched in it that I will extend that same mercy and grace to every person and every situation I encounter.  When you’re drenched with water when you get out of the pool, everything you touch gets water on it.  It runs down your arms, over your hands and onto whatever you’re touching.  It runs down your face and into your eyes, causing you to see differently.  Every step you take, you leave a path of water.  It’s the same when you’re drenched with grace, mercy and love.  Everything or person you touch gets grace, mercy and love on them/it.  You see things differently through grace, mercy and love.  You leave a path (that people follow) of grace, mercy and love.  You leave footprints in their lives.
My precious Lord Jesus shed His blood for ME…hard-headed, stiff-necked, sassy ME.  Sometimes we that go to church all the time get numb to the phrase, “He shed His blood for me”…when every fiber of our body should burst into praise every time we hear that said in our presence.
I was a stinkin’ mess before I finally surrendered myself to the Lord.  It’s only because of His sacrifice that I’m able to boldly go before the throne of God.  I have power and authority because of the Cross.  The Cross just can’t be a symbol that we wear around our neck, it must become a gut-wrenching sign of hope, grace and mercy to us.  This side of heaven, I’ll never fully grasp the depth, width and height of what the Cross means.  But I sure want to find out all that I can while I’m here.
When the woman, that was caught in adultery in the Book of John, was thrown in the dirt at the feet of Jesus…she didn’t know anything about Him coming to save the world by dying on a Cross.  She had no idea what He was about to do for her.  All she knew was that when she looked up into His eyes; she saw the same forgiveness, hope and mercy that I saw when I threw myself at the foot of the Cross.  Jesus changed her life and He certainly has changed mine.  He is the hope of the world…she experienced Him first hand…I get to experience Him through the Cross.  I’m so thankful…so very thankful.

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