Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I've Learned Since I've Been Married

  Year 1:
A bulb of garlic is not the same thing as a clove of garlic.

Year 2:
One more dog does NOT equal one big happy family.

Year 3:
Never sit in front of an open bathtub faucet, shining a flashlight into the hole, while your husband goes out to turn on the water...he's setting you up to get very wet, very fast!

Year 4:
Nyquil quiets a sick husband.

Year 5:
The smell of garlic does not come out of drapery...see Year 1.

Year 6:
Do not purchase a new home at full asking price when the seller shows you some crystals that need to be put in the toilet every month to keep them cleared out.

Year 7:
A plumber charges a lot of money to come out and pull 10 feet of tree roots from your pipes...see Year 6.

Year 8:
Life is NOT like a box of chocolates...you get out of it exactly what you put into it.

Year 9:
Insanity is doing the same thing over expecting a different result...see Year 2.

Year 10:
Pregnancy is harder after 30...and it is possible to make a meal out of a bottle of Tums.

Year 11:
It is possible to intensely love two kids at the same time.

Year 12:
1 Jealous Kid + 1 Sick Baby + 2 Overwhelmed Parents = A multitude of problems

Year 13:
A college course can teach you a lot, but it's the life-experiences that you have during
those college days that teach you the most important things.

Year 14:
Teaching the Word of God is a tremendous responsibility, the love and support
of your husband is crucial for walking effectively in your calling. 

Year 15:
Keep friends that are younger and wittier than you and
they'll constantly remind you that they're younger and wittier.

Year 16:
Let someone hurt your daughter and it will take every angel in Heaven
 to restrain the "Momma Bear" in you.  Let your son be given a diagnosis no one understands and it will take every person around you to help you keep your eyes on Jesus.
Hurting and sick children will either
grow your faith or destroy your life.

Year 17:
God is excellent at weaving people together for purposes far greater than
they can imagine.
Marriage is a lot of work, but when you finally get on the same page
...it's one of the greatest blessings ever given to us!

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