Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hardcore Outdoorsman!

Lord God, you know the plans that you have for this little man.  You love him far deeper than I do...and that's saying a lot because he melts my heart.  The world labels him as "special" but so do You...and I like Your definition of "special" way more!  I continue to pray for You to heal his little mind...but don't change him, Lord.  I love him just the way You created him.  Where there was once fear and uncertainty for his future, there is now joy, hope and expectations.  Thank You for calling him Your Own.  Thank You that our Godly heritage will continue through him.  Thank You that he is going to help reach a dying world for His soon-to-be Savior.  Thank You for the changes You have made in me, through him.  Thank You for every day that You give me with him.  Show me how to guide him down the path that You want him to take.  Continue to prompt me to teach him Your Word.  May he always demand a lullabye about Jesus.  Help me to teach him how to pray deeper.  May he always see You in me!

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